new cell technology keep us in peaceful

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new cell technology keep us in peaceful

Postby Roberto Westpfahl » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:57 am

Today we live in a high technology world, there are many high tech device around us every where. High technology help us to live easily and conveniently. Among them the most common high tech device is cell phone. As technology develops, the cell phone could help us to do a lot of things, it could be used in many ways. It is an electronic device, but more like a friend, a company. That is why we always carry our cell phones everywhere. But too much cell phone noise also cause trouble to us, especially in some places that silence is absolutely needed, like law court, conference room, church, concert and other places. We need to find a new way to disable the service of cell phones in those places. But it is not easy to achieve our goal, it is difficult to ask our telecommunication companies to offer no signal only in those places. But, luckly we have cell phone jammer. Cell phone jammer is a kind of electronic device used to block cell phone signal in a certain working range, so we could disable cell phone service in that certain area.
Roberto Westpfahl
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Re: new cell technology keep us in peaceful

Postby Chris » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:33 pm

This is elegantly phrased, but nonsense. All cell phones can be turned off or muted. Suppose you are a Doctor on call or a Fire Chief, is it fair for you to have to miss a concert or play? It would be even worse to miss a life crucial message. Any further posting on this topic will be deleted as it is far from new, and is blatant advertising of an existing product.
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